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The following is taken from an old copy I found on E-bay of GENEALOGY of the DART FAMILY in AMERICA by Thaddeus Lincoln Bolton, 1927.   (NOTE: We now know that the Richard noted below was Richard III, with both father and grandfather of the same name emigrating from Churston Ferrers, Devonshire, ENGLAND, and settling in Hartford & New London, Connecticut )

Richard Dart, b. 1635 in Waterford, Connecticut. He married (1) Bethia, married 1664, d. abt. 1705. He married (2) Mary Roe Dudley, married abt. 1705. Richard died 24 Sep 1724.  (We are related through his below-mentioned "ungrateful and treacherous" son, Daniel.)

The following is quoted directly from Bolton's book:
"According to the town records quoted by Miss Calkins in her History of New London, Richard Dart with a number of companions appeared in New London in 1662. After remaining there for some time he with his companions were ordered by vote of the town council either to become citizens or to make their departure. Richard chose to become a citizen. He bought a house Sept. 12, 1664. He was one of the grantees for the town of Waterford to receive additional lands from the King. The house he built is still standing and it is a good example of early colonial architecture; it is located within the town of Waterford. Apparently Richard became a man of influence for his name appears frequently in the town records and his will would indicate that he accumulated considerable property. His will, dated Apr. 4, 1711, refers to his oldest son, Daniel, as having been "ungrateful and treacherous to me" and accordingly his property is left mostly to his second son, Richard. It appears that Bethia, his wife, died, perhaps near the year 1705 and Richard married Mary (Roe) Dudley. The date is not known. She was the widow of William Dudley. Upon the death of her father and mother she became Lady Dudley of England. (Col. Records.) Her will is dated June 15, 1726 and the settlement of the estate was made May 7, 1728. In the will she mentions, her own sons, William and Daniel, a grandson and a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Joseph Remington. She mentions her "son-in-law," Roger - we should now say "step-son."

Information from The History of New York State: newyorkroots.org/bookarchive/northernnewyork/271-287.html

A member of the Dart family, sailed from England in or about the year 1652, 'bringing with him to America the original patent form the crown for the township of New London, Connecticut.'*   The family have their coat-of-arms. Richard Dart, immigrant ancestor, came from Dartmouth, England to New London, Connecticut, and bought the William Welman house and lot September 24, 1664, residing there until his death September 24 1724, aged eight-nine years. His sister Anna married in 1659 Benjamin Brewster and lived on Brewster Neck. Richard Dart married Bethia-------. Children, born at New London: 1. Daniel, May 3, 1666. 2. Roger, November 27, 1670. 3.Ebenezer, February 18, 1672. 4. Bethia, married Joseph Chapel.  (*Records show only that Richard Dart was one of the 77 grantees of the Patent of New London, granted by King Charles II on 14 Oct. 1704.)

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