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(transcribed from article DETROIT NEWS DEC. 15, 1934, page 3)
A covered-wagon baby, whose life spanned the development of Detroit and Michigan, is dead.
Following a brief illness, Roswell H.[Harmon] Post, building contractor for 45 years, died Friday afternoon in his home 949  Alexandrine Avenue, West.
Mr. Post, who was 88 years old was the youngest of seven sons [of twelve children] of John Franklin Post, pioneer Monroe lumber-man, and was born July 4, 1847 in a covered wagon while his parents paused for the night on the banks of the Miami River, in Ohio, during their long wagon trek from New York State to Michigan.
The family proceeded to Monroe, where Mr. Post's father cut a homestead out of the forest and established a mill.  When the boy was 14, the Civil War broke out and he worked far into the night firing the furnaces of the mill while thousands of feet of lumber were converted into stocks for the guns of Union soldiers.
In later years, Mr. Post became a builder and among the buildings he constructed were the present Union Station at Third Avenue and Fort Street; the old Peninsular Stove Works, several Detroit churches, and the early giant grain elevators at Duluth.  His office and shop stood on the site of the present Detroit Trust Co on Fort Street, West.
Mr Post's ancestors were prominenly identified with the early days of the Republic.  His great, great-grandfather was a captain in the Revolutionary War and his great-grandmother was a niece of Benjamin Franklin.  He leaves his wife, who was Mary Trueman, of Indianapolis.
He was a member of Zion Lodge No. 1, F & AM; Monroe Chaper, No.1 RAM; Monroe Council, No. 1 R & SM; Detroit Lodge No. 128, and Michigan Encampment, No. 1 IOOP, and Mabel Rebekah Lodge No. 44.  Funeral services to be held at 2:30 p.m. Monday; will be under auspices of members of Zion Lodge.

[Roswell H. Post was born on July 4, 1846 and died on December 14, 1934. His father, John Franklin Post, was born in 2 October 1809 in Broome County, New York.  His mother was Mercy E. Green, born April 6, 1811 or 1817 in Bridgewater, Susquehannah County, PA.  She died on November 14, 1876 and is buried in Potter Cemetery, Monroe County, Michigan.
Roswell's brother, JOHN FRANKLIN POST, JR., was our ancestor.]

John Franklin Post (1809 - 1885)
relationship to you: 2nd great grandfather

John Franklin Post (1840 - 1906) [brother of Roswell H. Post]
Son of John F. Post, Sr.

Daniel Grame Post (1874 - 1935)
Son of John F. Post, Jr.

Ona Dort Post (1897 - 1978)
Daughter of Daniel G. Post

E. F. S. (1925 - )
Daughter of Ona Dort Post

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