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DAVENPORT (Part II: The Pamunkey Neck Davenports)

According to The Library of Virginia:
"Several Virginia counties, most of them in the eastern part of the state, have suffered tremendous loss of their early records during the intense military activity that occurred during the Civil War, and others lost records in fires."

Despite the scarcity of records, our Davenport lineage appears to flow from the James River Colony through LANCELOT into New Kent, King & Queen, King William, Louisa, and Hanover counties by his children and their families. Earliest evidence suggests that some Davenports had settled in Pamunkey Neck by 1650.

Although little evidence is found to connect Lancelot to the next generation, Martin Davenport (father of Davis) is believed to be his son, born around 1624 in King William Co.  [Others have connected Martin to the John Davenport line -an interesting, influential Boston/Stamford family that does not appear to be related.] 

The first evidence of Davis Davenport is through a survey made in 1696 for Major John Waller, laying off almost 1,000 acres on the Mattaponi River in Pamunkey Neck (then part of King & Queen County) that Waller had bought from Elias Downes. “Davenport's plantation” was shown on the survey as bounding Waller's purchase on the upriver side with "below Davis Davenport's landing on Mattaponi" cited as the beginning point of the survey.  Davis Davenport and his son Martin both appear in the 1704 Quit Rent roll of land owners of King William County; Davis with 200 acres and Martin with 100 acres. A 1703 patent in the area refers to “the path from Yarbrough’s Ferry to Davenport’s.”  A 1705 patent mentions “Davenport’s Path” in the same area. 

In the third generation, Davis' son Martin of Pamunkey Neck married Dorothy Glover (widow of Paul Harralson, daughter of William Glover).  The next generations are then marked by Glover as first or middle names. Research among the few records remaining of King William County identify a William Glover as a freeholder located relatively near Martin Davenport's land listed for Quit Rents in 1704.   [There may be some interconnections with our Glover/Kennedy lines but I believe this family to be of different ancestry.  We have seven William Glovers, fifteen Thomas Glovers, and ten John Glovers of whom our 'Glover-side' ancestor immigrated to America in 1754 -generations after Dorothy's family.]

Our Pamunkey Davenport line continues through Martin and Dorothy's daughter, Crotia Cassity Davenport, born circa 1710 in King William Co.  Crotia married Charles Kennedy and their son Davenport Kennedy began the westward migration down the Anna River from Hanover Co. to Louisa, VA.  
[Although I am attempting to maintain a focus on our 'direct line' ancestors, I share this 'kissing-cousins' finding too:
James Glover Davenport, Jr., (Crotia's nephew) married Dorothy Kennedy, daughter of Crotia's son, Davenport Kennedy.] 

Our Pamunkey Davenport Ancestors include:
LANCELOT DAVENPORT  immigrant @1620 (1599 – 1660)

The paper-trail begins with my 9th GGF:
Martin Davenport (1625 - 1700)
son of Lancelot Davenport @1620

Davis Davenport (1660 - 1732)
son of Martin Davenport

Martin Davenport (1682 - 1735)
son of (William) Davis Davenport

Crotia Cassity Davenport (1709 - 1780)
daughter of Martin Davenport

Davenport Kennedy (1735 - 1784)
son of Crotia Cassity Davenport

Mary Kennedy (1770 - )
daughter of Davenport Kennedy

James Madison Mayfield (1800 - 1876)
son of Mary Kennedy

Temperance Mayfield (1835 - 1910)
daughter of James Madison Mayfield

Joan (or Joanna) Seese (1873 - 1963)
daughter of Temperance Mayfield

Horse Landing, formerly Davenport Landing, King William Co., VA

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