Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Patience and persistence are essential attributes that any serious family genealogist must possess when, despite all diligent efforts, a family line seems to lead to a dead-end.  I have been searching for our Windsor ancestors since I began this work over 30 years ago.  I never got past my second great grandmother Lydia Windsor-Dort's father, Mortimer Windsor.  Dead-end.  Or so I thought. 
Yesterday I had a serendipitous moment as I combed the web and Ancestry.com for someone -anyone- who might have a related tree and ...POOF!... the Windsor line opened up before my eyes. Generation by generation, I traveled back four centuries before I realized that it was 11 a.m., my coffee was long-since cold, ...and I was still in my pajamas.  
What I found turned out to be incredible family links to British and early American history -connecting us by breath and blood to the people and events that mark the earliest chapters of our place in the world.  I plan to share some great 'finds' in upcoming posts.  Please stay tuned!
 In the next post I will share my newest discoveries within the branches of the Dort-Windsor family tree.  [from Andrew Jackson Dort-Lydia Windsor following the male Windsor lineage back seven generations to my 9th great grandfather, English emigrant Joshua Winsor

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