Saturday, May 2, 2015

ANCESTRY: The Reverberating Bell of Ages

In a recent episode of "Who Do You Think You Are," musician Melissa Etheridge stated:   
...I was instantly warmed and moved by the story...
and of course the father/daughter relation always rings a beautiful bell in me,
and how that reverberates on down for generations...
I have a strong belief that the influence of your ancestors,
that influence of their journeys, of their adventures, of their thoughts, of their dreams
are handed down through traditions, through ways that we don't even know.
I can't wait to tell [my children] the journey and the things I have learned.” (TLC 2015)

Many of us who study family history are drawn by that 'reverberating bell of ages' that resonates between the past and the present as we discover the people, traditions, and circumstances of our ancestry.  And, as we follow the sound, we strive to imagine what hopes and dreams inspired our kin -guiding them along the unique paths upon which their lives led from their ancestors to us and on to our children; of  a continuous life line of journeys marked by the ancient ring of a beautiful bell sounding its lingering story of family.

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