Tuesday, March 8, 2016

OUR RHODE ISLAND ROOTS #1: "A Lively Experiment"

WINSOR Colonial Rhode Island Family Connections
1663 Royal Charter
...It is much in their hearts (if they may be permitted), to hold forth a livelie experiment, that a most flourishing civill state may stand and best bee maintained, and that among our English subjects, with a full libertie in religious concernements; and true pietye rightly grounded upon gospell principles, will give the best and greatest security to sovereignetye, and will lay in the hearts of men the strongest obligations to true loyaltye...”
King Charles II Charter of 1663

Named in the1663 Royal Charter of Rhode Island & Providence Plantation are a number of our ancestors, including 9th GGF Roger Williams, founder of Providence:
detail of people named in the royal charter
John Clarke (1609 - 1676) my 1st cousin 13x removed [if Bartlett to Watson lineage is verified]
Benjamin Arnold close relation to Governor Benedict Arnold (1615 – 1678) Gov. Benedict was son of 10th great grandfather William Arnold 
William Baulston  Innkeeper (1601 - 1679)husband of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 11x removed (to Whitney to Dart)
John Smith "The Miller" Smithfield namesake (1595 - 1648) great grandfather of wife of 6th great grandfather (to Joshua Winsor II)
Samuel Gorton RI Warwick founder (1592 - 1677)  father-in-law of 9th great grand uncle (to Coles to Townsend)
Roger Williams Founder of Providence (1603 - 1683) twice 9th great grandfather (through his children Mercy and Daniel)
Thomas Olney Jr., Shoemaker (1600 - 1682)
9th great grandfather
Gregory Dexter, Printer (1610–1700) [see MI Dexter/Winsorlineage]
John Coggeshall, Jr., brother of Joshua Coggeshall (1623-1688) who was father-in-law of brother-in-law of great aunt of wife of 6th great grandfather (to Greene/Sayles/Winsor)
Joseph Clarke, brother of John Clarke  (1618 – 1694) 1st cousin 13x removed [if Bartlett-Watson lineage is verified] 
Randall Holden (1612 - 1692), husband of 9th great grand aunt Frances Dungan (1632-1697)  [daughter of "The Falconer's Daughter"]
John Greene, Capt. Deputy Governor (1620 - 1708) father-in-law of 1st cousin 9x removed
William Field (1635-1665) 3rd great grand uncle of husband of 3rd great grand aunt
James Jr. Barker Deputy Governor (1617 - 1702) son-in-law of Frances Latham, "The Falconer's Daughter" and 9th great grandfather [grandfather of Joshua Winsor b. 1682]
William Dyer (1609-1672) husband of Quaker martyr Mary Barrett Dyer and paternal grandfather of husband of 1st cousin 9x removed 
Plat of original home lots in Providence, Rhode Island