Glover/Morgan Family

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great-grandfather William Thomas Morgan

GLOVER/MORGAN (William's daughter Levada Morgan & Ira Russell Glover family circa 1928; Thomas Morgan Glover, age 3, in center)

William T. Morgan and family (Levada is 4th from left)

Thomas Morgan Glover and Grandfather, William Thomas Morgan
Ira Russell Glover, WV teacher & principal, 1920's

I. R. Glover standing at doorway of new house in Farmington sometime in the 1950's -I remember playing in the sand during its construction.
Andrew Jackson Bates (Levada Morgan's maternal grandfather) and second wife, Mary (Swiger) Harbert

Andrew Jackson Bates & "second"family

Bates Homestead?

Emanuel Bates, Jr. (1815-1881)
(note Mariah's age)

Mariah Matthew Bates, wife (1811-1913)


William Morgan & family; grandmother Levada is 4th woman from left)

Levada Morgan is front, shielding eyes; Emma Bates Morgan is far left; William Morgan, right


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    1. I think it was Sylvester that recorded some of the Glover family history. We would be related through Tazwell.

    2. Sylvester Myers is my ggrandfather via son Thurman. How are you related. Do you know any Myers history before Tazwell beyond speculation?

    3. It looks like Sylvester's dad (Nelson) married Susannah Glover, sister to the husband (Isaac Glover) of Nelson's sister (and Sylvester's aunt) Mary Catherine Myers -my great great grandparents. It would appear that YOUR great grandfather Sylvester Myers and MY great grandfather Thomas Jackson Glover were first cousins. Thurman would have been about five years older than my grandfather, Ira Russell Glover. Small world, cousin! As you noted, there is a lot of guesswork prior to Tazwell's generation as suggested by the work done by Sylvester and in another book by Thos. Condit Miller:

    4. Have you done Ancestry DNA? I have very few matches from the Myers/Glover side. Do you have a public tree on Ancestry? If so, I would love to view it. Mine is public (rw_myers933) if you would like to see more of Sylvester's descendants.

    5. Thank you, Roger! Although we don't appear to be a DNA match, we are definitely related through the marriages of two Myer siblings with two Glover siblings. I see by your tree that you're "stuck" at Tazwell's parentage, too. If anyone out there has any clues -please let us know!

  2. My Name is Steve Talkington

    William T Morgan was my 2x's great grandfather. His father Jacob I believe was executed by firing squad for desertion. I have Morgans and Swigers all through my family tree and my grandmother used to tell stories about Williams farm. I have some of the photos on your site as well. Neat to see this stuff.



    1. Thank you, Steve! I am familiar with the Talkington name woven throughout the Morgan-Bates/Swiger family lines and delighted to hear from you! I'd love to know more about our family connections and any info we can exchange. (Levada Morgan was my grandmother.) Please feel free to contact me at

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