Friday, January 25, 2013

GLOVER FAMILY-from England/Delaware to Glover's Gap

Glover Gap district

The following is quoted directly from a 36 page typescript history prepared by Avril A. Ash and released in 1967.
"John Glover, the progenitor of our branch of the Glover family, emigrated from England to America in 1755 and settled in Wilmington, Delaware. This information is from two sources - (a) 'History of West Virginia,' by Sylvester Myers, a great-great grandson of John Glover, the immigrant, and (b) 'A Genealogy of the Mittong Family and Connections,' by Benjamin Franklin Wilson, who was connected to the Glover family by the marriage of his grandfather, Jacob Mittong (chapter five). Both accounts say he was a young man when he arrived in America, and the year of his birth is placed at about 1735 to 1740. Shortly after his arrival here, he married a girl from New England, name not known, and there were at least two children, Amos and Nehemiah, Amos having been born in 1760 and Nehemiah about 1772. In 1781, which year is questioned on the grounds of Nehemiah being but nine years of age at that time, the two sons came west and settled insouthwestern Pennsylvania, Amos settling in what is now Washington County and Nehemiah in Green County.

(Below:  pages from Wilson's book)


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  3. My grandfather was Robert Shaw..his mother was Rose Glover...her dad was Henry Glover..and his dad was Harrison...and his dad was William Squire Glover...his dad was Amos...and of course his dad was John...John married Margaret Hamley...and I researched this on says she died in India..strange?? Would love to know more about where John came from in England!!

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