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(from History of Harrison Co. VA by Henry Haymond)
“(The Monongalia Story) - Joseph Coon ... is intitled to four hundred acres of land on the waters of West fork adjoining the land of John Tucker to include his Settlement made thereon in the year 1772. Harrison County. Joseph Coon, son of Philip, was born near Philadelphia in 1720, and came here with three of his sons, Anthony, Conrad, and Philip. He supervised the building of Coon's Fort, where his daughter Maudline was killed by the Indians in 1777 (Lough,304-6, 386; Withers 218,219). His land was described as "near the right hand fork of Bingamon Creek on the left hand side as you up to it, including a large bear wallow" (Lough, 261,262)(History of Harrison Co. VA by Henry Haymond)
“The Monongalia Story, VOL I, by Earl L. Core - MARION COUNTY - Fort Coon, Joseph Coon (occasionally spelled Koon) built this small blockhouse to protect the fifty families who had settled in rolling country about four miles upstream from what is now the town of Everson. The stockade consisted of eight small cabins and a large two-storied blockhouse, the latter overlooking Coons Run. It was within a short distance of today's Harrison County line. The fort suffered many attacks, including those which sons, daughters, and grandchildren of the builder were killed. He died in 1798, and is buried near the site of the fort.
“ATTACK AT COON'S FORT - Soon thereafter, according to Withers, two Indians visited the Coon's Fort settlement on the West Fork. Maudline Coon, a daughter of Joseph Coon, "came out for the purpose of lifting some hemp in a field near the fort." While she was thus occupied, two neighbors, Thomas Cunningham and Enoch James, came by, conversed briefly with her, and passed on. Before they had gone far they heard the report of a gun. They looked back just in time to see an Indian run up to the fallen girl and scalp her. The people of the fort turned out in pursuit, but were unable to find the Indians.
“JOSEPH COON DIES - Joseph Coon, of the builders of Coon's Fort (Monongalia Story, vol. I, pp.347,348), died on April 6, 1798, and was buried near the old fort, in Harrison County. A son of Philip Coon, he was born April 4, 1720, near Philadelphia. He married Catherine Cunread and they had seven children, namely, Conrad (1751-1817), married Anne Barbara Stauffer; Joseph Jr. (1752-1830?) married Elizabeth Snyder, then Elizabeth Daniels; Anthony (1755-1835), married Anne Nancy Hellen; Mary, married George Tetrick; Philip (1757-1835?); Elizabeth, married George Smith; and Catherine.” [Catherine is our family link- see below]
OUR COON FAMILY LINE:  (sources for some B/D dates vary and are still under review)
JOSEPH COON (1720-1798) married Catherine Cunread (1732-1798)
b. Philadelphia, PA, d. Coon’s Run, Marion, WV  
Joseph is often linked to Philip Kuhn/Coon who immigrated from Germany in 1738.

CATHERINE KOON/COON (17??-1817) married (John) Henry Booher/Booker (1734-18??)
Daughter of Joseph

MARY ANNA BOOHER (1785-1840) married Emanuel (Squire) Bates, Sr. (1785-1820)
Daughter of Catherine

EMANUEL BATES JR. (1813-1881) married Mariah Mathews (1811-1913)
Son of Mary Anna

ANDREW JACKSON BATES (1837-1909) married Elizabeth Cordelia Smith (1841-1880-raised by Rev. J. Yeater)
Son of Emanuel Jr.

EMMA BATES (1865-1933) married William Thomas Morgan (1858-1951)
Daughter of Andrew Jackson


  1. Glad to have come across good information about Coon's Fort. I am descended from "Anthony (1755-1835), married Anne Nancy Hellen". My first name is Anthony because my line used Anthony quite frequently. My dad was Alen Wayne Coon. He left WVa never to return. Air Force had different plans for him.

    1. Thanks for your info, Anthony! It looks like your Anthony (b. 1755) is likely the brother to our Catherine (b.abt. 1748). There is a lot of info on regarding your Anthony's Rev. War pension!

  2. My ancesters are Joseph to Phillip to Michael. Its been a hard time finding info on my Coon line. My G mother was a Coon and she died (by drinking acid)at an early age. Thanks for a link for info.

    1. You are welcome! Still much to learn about our shared family. It is always nice to hear from another branch of this very expansive Coon tree! Very tragic death in your family.

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