Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LEGACY OF THE WINTHROP WOMAN -Part I Elizabeth & Robert Feake

Note sticky tabs...evidence of my detective work on our Feake family line!

Okay, I'll confess... I'm fascinated by the story of Elizabeth and Robert Feake -and the family line they carved out for us in the wilderness of New England & New Netherland. The next few blogs will hopefully shed some light on the indelible marks their family left in the history books of colonial America.

Although author Anya Seton took obvious artistic liberty with her historical novel, she also did her homework carefully.  (Each sticky tab noted in the photo above marks an historical fact that can be followed up from other sources.)  You may think my 'detective work' takes all the fun out of reading but -I assure you- I've had a great time learning about my heritage this way!)

[from my gloversmith file]
This chart illustrates the family tree of  my 9th great grandmother, Hannah Feake Bowne, daughter through which our "Winthrop Woman" lineage flows.  There is much more to this family's story as I will share in upcoming blogs.

One of the interesting discoveries I made while tracing ancestry was in finding that  Hannah's sister, Elizabeth Feake, also ties into another family connection as the second wife of John Underhill (many years her senior) and their daughter Deborah who married into the Townsend line of the family.

NEXT BLOG:  "Elizabeth's Neck"

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