Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Quaker Roots #1: The HORNER Family Tree

Immigrant families of 6th GGParents, Isaac Horner III and Mary Potts
In the coming posts, I will share what I'm learning about a branch of our Glover family tree that set its roots in the early Quaker movement of America. 
Although I've already touched on a few of its members (Quakers Mahlon Stacye and John Bowne, and parents of Quakers, Robert Feake and his wife Elizabeth "The Winthrop Woman" Fones) this tree has abundantly more fruit upon its branches. 
The next few articles will focus on some inspirational and courageous individuals I happened upon while researching our Horner Family Tree:
  • STACY POTTS (brother of my 6th GGMother, Mary Potts) whose home was the site of history-making events during the American Revolution era
  • NATHAN BEAKES, Jr. (nephew of my 7th GGMother, Sarah Beakes) who signed his name to a 18th century document that served as a harbinger to the future Abolitionist Movement
  • LYDIA WRIGHT (my 8th GGMother) who bravely dared to protest the Puritan persecution of Quakers, and faithfully accepted the consequences 

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